Dr. Ehab Elmubashr

General Dentist

Bareen International Hospital

Dr. Ehab Elmubashr received his Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Science and Technology – Sudan. In 2015, he completed a Rotary Endodontic Program at Moonlight Dental Training Center – Sudan and in 2016, he took an Aesthetic Dentistry Program at Branemark Dental Training Center.

Dr. Ehab started his medical practice in 2012 in various medical facilities under the Ministry of Health in Oman. In 2013, he became a General Dentist in Omdurman Military Hospital – Sudan, Oman. A year later, he joined Baraha Medical City Hospital – Sudan, Oman. In 2017, he moved to the UAE and worked as a General Dentist in a private medical center in Abu Dhabi.

To his credit, Dr. Ehab has an intensive experience in endodontic and restorative treatment, as well as other aspects of dentistry: fixed and removable prosthodontics, pediatrics, surgical and periodontal procedures.

Tel: +971 2 554 5555