Dr. Hadi Radaideh

Specialist General Surgeon


Dr. Hadi Ahmad Radaideh received his Jordanian Board in General surgery degree from the Jordanian Medical Council on 2018 also his master’s degree from King Abdullah University Hospital, Jordan in 2018.

Dr. Hadi worked as a Specialist Surgeon in the General Surgery Unit at Irbid Speciality Hospital, Irbid, Jordan until moving to the UAE. He is a member of the World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeon and recently obtained advanced training in Bariatric surgery in Turkey. He is also a member of the Jordanian Medical Association.

Dr. Hadi’s major interest is in minimal invasive surgeries and classic surgeries such as gallbladder and appendectomy surgery. His areas of expertise include laparoscopic surgeries (gall bladder and appendix), lower GIT surgeries (haemorrhoids, anal fistulas, fissures), breast and thyroid surgeries, hernia surgeries and all minor surgeries such as pilonidal sinuses and ingrowing toenails.

Dr. Hadi speaks Arabic and English.

Location: NMC Royal Medical Centre Shahama 

Tel: +971 2 8859400