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Dr. Atta Ghassan Atta

Specialist - Neurology

Dr. Atta Ghassan Atta Al Khaznaji received his medical education and MBChB at Al Nahrain University, Iraq in 1994

Burjeel Hospital

Dr. Halprashanth DS

Consultant – Neurology

Dr. Halprashanth D.S is a Consultant Neurologist with illustrious record in the field of Neurology.

Burjeel Hospital

Dr. Shobhit Sinha

Consultant Neurologist

Dr. Sinha gained his undergraduate Medicine degree (MBBS) from University of Mumbai, India.

NMC Royal Hospital Khalifa City

Dr. Marwa Mohamed

Specialist Neurologist

Dr. Marwa obtained her M.B.Bch from Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University in 2003.

NMC Royal Hospital Khalifa City

Dr. Husam M Saleh

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr. Husam Saleh completed his MBBCh from the prestigious Faculty of Medicine in Medical University, Sofia, Bulgaria in 1996.

NMC Royal Hospital Khalifa City

Dr. Mounir Haider

Specialist - Neurological Surgery

Dr. Mounir Haider Haider received his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Degree from Mansoura University, Egypt in 1977.

Burjeel Hospital

Dr. Samir Zoubeir

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr. Samir Zoubeir is a Consultant Neurosurgeon with over 28 years of experience.

NMC Royal Hospital Khalifa City

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