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Doctors in Abu Dhabi was launched in November 2016 to help patients to quickly search for doctors, dentists and healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi - Dubai & Sharjah.


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The data collected by Doctors in Abu Dhabi is accurate to the best of the knowledge of the department, based on the information supplied by the physician who is the subject of the data. 
While the website utilizes a variety of sources of information in checking the accuracy of the data reported, we cannot be sure that all of the information on this website is right, complete, or up-to-date, and cannot be responsible for any information that is wrong or has been left out. 
Consumers are encouraged to consult other sources to verify or obtain additional information about a physician. 


We provide access to the best medical minds in Abu Dhabi so you can be sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

We are here to help & support the healthcare facilities in the medical staff recruitments.


We act as a link between the investors and the owners who are willing to sell a healthcare facility.